Simple Ways to Be Happier

happy woman running in the fields

Everyone wishes  to be happier at some point in their life. Being happier in your life doesn’t need to be challenging or require a major lifestyle change. There are numerous things that you can easily do to instantly increase your overall happiness in life. The following tips need to be put into practice daily, but the benefit is that they reallly work.

Always Be Grateful

grateful happy woman embracing the air There are many benefits to feeling gratitude for something each and every day, particularly the effect on those around you. The natural response to hearing “thank you” or “I appreciate you” is to respond in a positive manner. Finding things to be grateful for doesn’t need to be difficult. You could be grateful for a new day, or your favorite food. You can be grateful about anything; people, places, actions, objects and so forth. If you are always finding things to be grateful for and sharing your discovery with others, you will help them begin to noticethe things they appreciate too. Not only will finding things to be grateful make you happy, but helping others will make you happier, too.

Reduce Media Exposure

Surrounding yourself with negative influences of the outside world can drain your energy. You may also find yourself comparing your life to celebrities. By reducing your intake of negative media, including magazines, Internet and newspapers, you will not find yourself constantly sidetracked by the negative aspects of the world.

Have Plans and Goals that Focus on What You Enjoy

happy woman having a bubble bath Some people have such strict goals and plans for things they don’t even enjoy. There is nothing wrong with having plans and goals for your career, or weight loss, but remember to invest the same amount of energy or more, into things that you love.

Make Time for Yourself

Most of us are so consumed with our daily life and are incredibly busy. When life takes over, we tend to forget and lose ourselves in the process. It is important for everyone to take a moment for themselves and do what makes them happy. This can include phoning a close friend, treating yourself to a manicure, or participating in a hobby. Other popular ways to give yourself time are through bubble baths, reading a book, singing in the shower, or cooking. When you regular catch moments of your day to do something you enjoy, you feel happier.


This is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to be happier. Studies have proven that just completing the simple action of smiling releases endorphins into the brain, making you happier. And of course, smiling always has a positive effect on others.