Add Whole Grain to Every Meal

mature woman holding a whole wheat bread

You know that in order for to achieve good health, whole grains and fiber need to be added to your diet plan.  But many whole grain products don’t look very appealing to the average customer.  Because of this, manufacturers have tried another tack in order to please the customer.  They have given in to the customer’s demand for healthy foods that taste good too.

When you look at some foods that you enjoy, take a look at the label.  The majority of your favorite cereals or cookies now come in 100% whole grain.  Who would have thought that would happen?  Since the majority of people only eat an average of one serving of whole grain every day, it's great to sneak some whole grain into your snacks.


When you make pancakes or waffles for breakfast, you now have the option of using a variety of whole grain pancake or waffle mixes.  Choose whole grain toast for breakfast instead of white.  And instead of grabbing your favorite breakfast food at the drive-thru, why not make your own at home using a whole-grain English muffin, low-fat cheese and turkey bacon.  You get the same meal and add whole-grain to your diet.  And chances are, it is much less expensive for you to make at home.


plate of fig newtons made of whole grains Rather than using white bread to make your lunch, use a whole grain option.  There's plenty out there and it's now even possible to get whole-grain pita bread.  Use a pita pocket and put in turkey, lettuce or any kind of vegetable you enjoy, low-fat cheese and a low-calorie dressing.  Your home-made lunch is far better than a bought one!


Looking for a whole-grain, low-calorie snack during the day? Go for 100% whole-grain Fig Newtons, or try some Triscuit crackers.  Both have the high fiber you need and the low calories to go with it.


If you enjoy pasta for dinner, choose whole-wheat pasta rather than ordinary processed pasta.  Rice -  well, why not try brown or wild rice rather than white?  These are both great options to consider when you are planning your meals for the week.

So the next time you wander through the grocery store look at what you are buying and see if there's a whole-grain substitute for it.  In most cases there actually is.  You will be satisfied for longer between meals, and decrease your risk of heart disease and cancer at the same time!