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happy woman running in the fields

Everyone at some point in their life wishes that they were happier. Being happier in your life doesn’t need to be challenging or require a...

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women stretching their bodies doing hoop yoga

Sacred Hoop Arts

Jul 2, 2016

Hooping is an integrated movement art bringing together dance, yoga, fitness, meditation, and play for whole health and joy....

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man meditating in a small nipa hut

I love retreats.  Retreats are a time for personal reflection, refreshment and renewal.  I have taken myself on a few very significant...

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woman stretching her body doing bikram yoga

Finding the right exercise program that keeps you challenged and motivated is the key to maintain a health and fitness.  Yoga is a way of life...

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photo of thinking man

There are two things in life that you can be 100 percent certain of. Number one, death has everybody's number; it's just a matter of time. As...

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portrait of a happy family

Stress is your body's normal reaction to unknown or threatening circumstances. Stress is often experienced when people face difficult...

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portrait of a family with issues sitting on a sofa

10 Ways to Help Your Child Through Separation or Divorce

Separation or divorce effects everyone in the household, including the children. Even when we try to hide our feelings from them or our...

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woman holding two types of her face

A Guide to Bipolar Disorders

If you suffer from bipolar disorder, you may need to make lifestyle changes so that you have a balanced and healthy existence. There's no...

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happy mother with her daughter and piggy bank

A Painless Plan To Start Early Saving for College

The best way to save for college is to begin as soon as possible while the child is young and continue saving up through the years. But that is not...

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